Meeting & Conference room

The strategic, quiet and sunny position of our hotel (proximity highway), easily and fast to reach, offers the perfect surroundings for:
  • Business meetings 
  • Product presentation 
  • Further education/training
  • Conventions 
  • Conferences. 

Equipped with best conference technology, as

  • Beamer 
  • Projection wall 
  • Flipchart 
  • Slide projector 
  • Overhead projector 
  • CD-player 
  • DVD 
  • Video appliance 
  • Wireless access 
  • Business corner 
allows an efficient performance in 60, air conditioned square meters. The relaxed atmosphere contributes to new ideas and thoughts.

Choose the table order, for example:
  • U-Form 
  • School arrangement 
  • Block form 
  • Theater arrangement
  • Parliament 
  • Banquet. 

By the way, let you spoil culinary: from the "easy lunch", to the gala dinner we serve a variety of courts, even as coffee breaks with tea, juices, rolls, cakes and fruits for little breaks.
The parking place and parking garage is free of garage.